The Art of Peace begins with you.

O’Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba. Art of Peace


San Diego Aikikai is located on 3400 El Cajon Blvd. There is parking on the street, either on El Cajon or along 34th street. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to provide ample time to find parking.

Viewing a Class

Everyone is welcome to come and watch Aikido, Weapons, or Iaido classes. Zazen and Harai Misogi are private meditation classes for members only. More information on the different types of classes offered can be found on the Class Descriptions page.

See our Weekly Class Schedule and stop by! Just inside the front door to the right is a bench. Please do not step onto the mat.

Trying Aikido – First Class

Children and adults are welcome to try their first class for free to see if Aikido is right for them. View our Weekly Class Schedule and attend a class when you can. Learn more about our classes to know what to expect.

Please arrive at the dojo 15 minutes before a beginner class for adults (children’s class for children) and introduce yourself to the class instructor or any student wearing a black belt to let them know you are there to try a class. If scheduling prohibits you from joining a beginner class please contact us for other options. See you on the mat!

COST: There is no charge for trying out an Aikido class.
CLOTHING: Come dressed in sweat pants and t-shirt or clothes similar to what would be worn for yoga, ensuring that pants are long enough to cover your knees.
REGISTRATION: Register for your free class online through our MEMBERS PORTAL.  Click on the sidebar option to “Try a class for free” or click on the calendar for the class you would like to attend and select “Free Trial”.

Questions? Call, text, or email us!

Visiting Aikidoka

San Diego Aikikai welcomes visiting Aikidoka! Please contact us, if you can, to inform us when you expect to visit.

Mat fees can be found HERE.

Our Weekly Class Schedule lists all of our available classes.

To register in advance, please visit our MEMBERS PORTAL. Click on the calendar for the class you would like to attend, and register as a drop-in.  You can pay in advance online or when you arrive at the dojo.