To sign up for a free class, create an account and select one of our available classes.

Once you have an account, you can sign in and select a program at any time to sign up for a month of classes (see options below).

Adult Program Fees*

Beginners 3 Month Promo Package:
$200/First 3 Months
3 months unlimited classes. Includes Gi.

Regular Membership:
Eligible to train in all classes.

Beginner Membership:
Eligible to train in beginner classes only.
(This is an introductory rate valid for first 3 months.)

Military/Student Membership:
Eligible to train in all classes.

Family Discount:
10% off registration of 2 or more family members.

Prepaid Annual Membership:
Discounted rate with 12th month fee.

Children’s Program Fees*

Children 6-12 years old

Teenagers 13-17 years old

Visiting Aikidoka Mat Fees

Birankai or USAF Members

Non-Birankai Members

Payments via Direct Deposit

Scheduled Direct Deposit for Dojo Fee Payments is available and preferred, paperwork can be picked up at the dojo.

Payments via Credit Card

Dues may be paid via credit card online through our Members Portal or at the dojo.

Payments via Check or Cash

Checks or cash can be paid in person at the dojo.

*Annual Dues and Support for Dojo Upkeep also apply, for more information email the dojo at