San Diego Aikikai is an Aikido Dojo, to support this training a variety of classes are offered including Body Arts, Weapons, and Meditation classes. Both Adult and Child programs are offered, and in some cases there are mixed classes for Adults and Children. Information and descriptions on the different types of classes offered can be found on the Class Descriptions page.

All Classes are taught in a traditional Japanese format, which encourages students to observe techniques and then repeat for themselves what they see with the guidance of the senior students and Chief Instructor. All Aikido techniques are practiced in pairs under the direction of the class instructor. During the course of the class the instructor will demonstrate a technique: once finished the class participants will pair off and practice the technique as demonstrated.

For beginner students, initial classes focus on learning how to fall. A basic grasp of falling techniques is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. After about 3-4 classes, beginner students will join the class in regular practice.


Class Descriptions

Children’s Program